New Best Friends is a highly interactive multimedia story book app for children. The app is very educational as it lays the foundation of friendship and peace. New Best Friends keeps kids engaged with high quality images, great sound quality and a moral to every story. It gets even more exciting since your child can even record her/his own voice and play it alongside the movie.

Build a Personalized Story Book App for your Child like New Best Friends

Educational apps, interactive story apps for children are fun when they combine reading, listening and watching. The entire experience made for a child is easy ensuring a child loves the app and a parent is happy. Then story unfolds beautifully with high quality sound, easy to understand subtitles and soft animations that help children identify with each story.

The UX designed is pretty and user-friendly. Super animation and a gentle flow to the entire app makes it more inviting to a child to use this app over and over again. For security purposes, parental controls are integrated into the app to prevent a child from viewing websites or apps that are unsuitable or to be watched under parental guidance. However, within the app itself a child can view the entire app and roam freely watching the exciting story movie app.

There are 4 stories available in multiple languages and English accents. The basic app is free for download, and the other stories are locked and one can purchase these child friendly stories at a minimal charge.

SDI has built many personalized child friendly apps, bed time story apps, educational apps & interactive apps for children for various age groups. All our apps for children are developed with an eye for detail and with more attention. At SDI we integrate parental security controls in every app developed for children.

If you would like to develop a customized app for your child for an iPhone, Android or a tablet contact SDI today and you can gift your child a personalized app within 4 weeks.

Software Developers UK is a UK-based website, Android and iPhone app development company, with offices in Melbourne, India and the United States. SDI provides clients with superior technical talents and project management teams, combined with practical costs. As an experienced iPhone app development company, Software Developers UK follows Appleā€™s strong design principles to create visually appealing, intuitive interfaces that flawlessly integrate into everyday iPhone use. As a company can deliver apps in as little as four weeks with fixed pricing and timelines under a non-disclosure agreement that protects your idea. Please visit or contact directly at 020 3617 1881 or Email for more information.

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