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A central question for all new app ideas is which platform to develop for. The two major platforms, iOS and Android, are both wildly successful, and from a general perspective offer identical opportunities. Both offer robust and well-documented SDKs. Both have a healthy selection of third-party resources and APIs. And no matter which platform you settle on, you have a good opportunity for success. The question is definitely not “which one of these is good” because both have proven themselves as fantastic platforms. The question of “which is better” is a much more challenging one. To answer that, we’re going to use a tried and true method of decision making: a list of pros and cons.

Every year brings new ideas and innovations—that’s what makes technology such a fun thing to follow. And while it’s not always possible to foreseen the individual success stories inevitably that crop up (I’m looking at you “Yo”), there are some overarching trends that we can look forward to.