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Uber has seen it’s fair share of controversy. Managing the PR of that company sounds like a nightmare, as we observed recently when the #Ubergate surged due to a few uncouth statements made by Uber senior officers. Despite all of that Uber continues to forge ahead, growing at an astounding pace thanks to one key advantage: consumers really want it.

In today’s web environment having a Responsive Web Design is essentially a requirement. Responsive web design is the standard for mobile optimization, recommended by major search engines like Google and Bing. Occasionally alternative methods of mobile optimization will rear their heads, but for most businesses and sites, responsive design offers the best benefits and cost efficiency.

How Tablet App Development can Empower your Sales Team
27 June, 2014      By Heather Stugen      Posted in { CategorizedTablet App }    
One area where apps shine in a business setting is when they are in the hands of your sales team. Sales representatives thrive when they have access to the right assets to engage potential customers. A tablet app expedites the sales process by enhancing access to client and product information, giving your team everything they need to close the deal on the spot—wherever that spot may be.

If you own a website, blog, or any other online property, you got to be savvy with organic search engine rankings and its massive worth.  Given that search engines make up more than 85% of online traffic worldwide, it’s could

First Panda now Penguin. What are these animal-named updates and how do they affect you? The simple answer is these are both Google algorithm updates that determine and affect page rankings. But to really understand the significance of these updates,