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Kiss Your Mom’s Maiden Name Goodbye: A New Era of Online Authenticity?
26 April, 2013      By admin      Posted in { iPad }    
How many passwords do you have? How many times have you smashed your fist into the keyboard after forgetting the myriad passwords you have?
The average Internet user has about 25 online accounts, according to Microsoft data. That’s a lot

Twitter for Business — The Why, How and What
24 May, 2012      By admin      Posted in { iPad }    
It may not seem like having a Twitter profile for your organisation may do much for business, but if you use it right, you’d be surprised at the positive results you can generate. Twitter can help you connect with industry

When getting a website designed you essentially have two options–template design, i.e., designing your website using a pre-existing template, or custom website design, i.e., getting a website designed from scratch. Many people tend to gravitate toward template design because they

Should You Opt for Custom Software Development?
17 April, 2012      By admin      Posted in { Custom Software DevelopmentiPad }    
All companies need software solutions, the question arises as to whether they should invest in pre-packaged software or look into custom software development. Custom software development has several advantages and makes good sense in several scenarios. Custom software development offers

Is the Facebook ‘Like’ Really As Likeable?
6 April, 2012      By admin      Posted in { iPad }    
If I were to point out two of the biggest changes Facebook brought about, one would most definitely be – ‘connectivity’. Facebook defined online communion in a whole new way, shrinking the world into a smaller and well-connected space. The second biggest

How ‘New’ is the Latest iPad?
27 March, 2012      By admin      Posted in { iPad }    
When Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the iPad 3, he simply called it the ‘New iPad’. But does the tablet live up to this promise? And what really is so ‘new’ about it? Let’s take a detailed look on what

Approaching iPad App Development from iPad 3′s Perspective
16 March, 2012      By admin      Posted in { iPad }    
When Apple triggered the tablet revolution, it was a sign that the Post-PC era is upon us. When the first iPad was launched, it made waves all over. Now on the brink of embracing its third generation, the word’ iPad’