As we head into the new year, I know there are some of you out there who feel the itch of entrepreneurialism. Make it your New Years Resolution to pursue your dream! If you need a little inspiration, especially the women out there, here are some successful, leading female entrepreneurs in the UK startup scene.

Get Inspired by 4 of the UK's Leading Women Entrepreneurs

Get Inspired by 4 of the UK's Leading Women Entrepreneurs

Kathryn Parsons

Kathryn Parsons is the CEO of Decoded, a website dedicated to educating people about technology and encouraging tech literacy. They call it “Digital Enlightenment,” referring to the ability to understand, question, and turn technology to your advantage.

As part of her quest to demystify technology to the masses, Kathryn has been a leader in the campaign to get coding and computer literacy into school curriculums. She has also discussed the fact that coding as a life skill can be served better to women than it currently is—something that Decoded is attempting to change. If more women and girls can learn about technology, they’ll be better equipped to bolster the ranks of the tech industry.

Junjun Chen

Not every tech innovator comes from a tech-heavy background. Before she become the co-founder of, an alternative travel site, where hosts can rent out homes and apartments to visitors, Junjun and her co-founder (her husband) came from the hospitality industry, and used tech as a disruptive component in innovating the industry.

Since it’s founding, HouseTrip has expanded to cover travel destinations on 6 continents (the lack of homes in Antarctica likely being the only thing holding them back) and has become one of the largest holiday rental sites in the world. Though not from the UK, Junjun has become an avid proponent of the London startup scene, calling it a “great city to start a business” where entrepreneurs should feel free to start building their dreams.

Sara Murray

Sara Murray OBE is what you might call a serial entrepreneur. She founded Ninah Consulting, and Inspop (which owns the price comparison website, and then, in 2004 created buddi, a company focusing on location monitoring and emergency response through a handy wearable.

Murray is also now a member of the Technology Strategy Board and Speedcamp, a startup accelerator designed to help budding entrepreneurs in the UK. She is certainly a strong role-model for UK entrepreneurs, especially women entrepreneurs, who remain in the minority.

Martha Lane Fox CBE

Back in 1998, Martha Lane Fox co-founded, a travel site which successfully grew and flourished into the UK’s largest travel website through, eventually bought for £577 million in 2005. Martha Lane Fox had stepped down by then to pursue other opportunities, and over the next decade she established herself as a leader in british technology.

Her most recent venture is the charity Go ON UK, which aims to bring online and digital education to millions of UK adults and businesses who don’t have the skill or experience needed to adequately utilize the bountiful advantages of the internet and other digital platforms.

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