Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games on Windows Phone
  31 July, 2014      By Heather Stugen      Posted in { Windows Phone }

This year’s Commonwealth Games are well underway in Glasgow, with 4,950 athletes from 71 countries making it the second largest Commonwealth Games in history. For fans keeping up with the events from around the world, there are official apps available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The Windows Phone app is an interesting addition, as Windows represents a relatively small share of smartphones and is still developing its app market, but it definitely deserves to be included.

Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games on Windows Phone

Despite having only an 11.9% market share globally, this is a great example of Windows Phone being put to good use in keeping fans engaged. Windows devices have seen a lot of success in the lower price brackets, and have been doing well in emerging markets. The Lumia 520 is by far the most popular WP device, and the recently released 630 looks to be another hit. Given that a large portion of the Commonwealth Games audience comes from those same emerging markets, it’s a smart move to make sure the app is available to those that want it.

The official Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games app will let users browse event schedules, view results, and get details on particular sports, nations or athletes. You can also select your specific interests to receive relevant notifications during the games. The interface is the same across each operating system. Including it on all three is simply a way to include more fans in the festivities. In the app world, engagement is often a primary commodity, so the more users you can keep on your app, the better.

This is an interesting example of how specific platforms can maximize reach in target markets. In related news, Microsoft has just expanded the Cortana personal assistant to include the UK and China in beta as well as Canada, India and Australia in an alpha state. This could be important for shifting further momentum in favor of Windows there.

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