One area where apps shine in a business setting is when they are in the hands of your sales team. Sales representatives thrive when they have access to the right assets to engage potential customers. A tablet app expedites the sales process by enhancing access to client and product information, giving your team everything they need to close the deal on the spot—wherever that spot may be.

How Tablet App Development can Empower your Sales Team
Take Advantage of Mobility
When I think of the power of a mobile platform, the first thing that comes to mind is field-work. If your team is in the field, having a tablet app is almost a necessity. The tablet keeps tools and data at the ready at all times in a way that would not otherwise be possible, so that your representatives are essentially prepared to finalize deals no matter where or when the customer is ready to make their decision.
But mobility is important in a more localized set-up. Even if you don’t plan to leave your showroom floor, a tablet means never having to disappear to fetch a document from your office. It means having access to compelling data visualization, sales collateral, and product presentations at a moment’s notice, without having to leave the customer’s side. Wherever you use it, the tablet becomes an access-point for the entire sales process, from researching a lead to closing the deal.
Professional Image
For a sales person, there is a lot of power from visual appearance, especially in making that vital first impression. Projecting an air of professionalism and expertise is vital to gaining the trust of the the customer, and a tablet serves an important role in elevating your team’s image.
Simply carrying a tablet is enough to look modern and tech-savvy, but more importantly, the tablet gives your team the ability to be prepared for anything, at any time. No matter what curveballs the customer throws, your representative can quickly and confidently access whatever information or assets are needed to assist that customer.
Avoid Disruptive Adoption
One major (and valid) concern businesses have regarding any kind of technology is that adopting new tools will disrupt their existing process. In most cases, business owners have to look long and hard at the new solution to determine whether the benefits it will provide will be worth the woes of the transition. This is particularly a concern when adopting a third-party tool, which is not customized to your specific company.
On the other hand, a custom app can be built around your existing process, which helps ease your employees into the new system. In fact, many mobile apps are simply extensions of existing tools, such as digital forms, automated logging systems or improved access to existing databases.
We’ve built tablet apps for many, many businesses and every one of them has had unique needs which we addressed through their apps. The goal of the app is not to throw your process into upheaval, but to cut out the inefficiencies. You’ll still be filling out the same form, for instance, but now that form will be digital, and can fetch data from GPS or a company database to auto-fill most fields, and once you are done you can upload or submit the form from while away from your desk.
If you want to learn more about tablet apps for sales teams or if you want to delve deeper into how an app can be put to use for your business in particular, feel free to get in touch with SDI.

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