When getting a website designed you essentially have two options–template design, i.e., designing your website using a pre-existing template, or custom website design, i.e., getting a website designed from scratch. Many people tend to gravitate toward template design because they feel it’s a cheaper, faster alternative. However, this is not true. Template design actually has very little to offer in comparison to custom website designing. And, while yes, on the surface template design might appear cheaper, in reality custom website design can generate revenues for your business in ways that template design cannot, and often, these revenues will cover the difference and a lot more.

When we look at the advantages of custom website design, it becomes apparent why it is worth the investment.

Built to Your Needs

As the name suggests, custom website design is customized to your needs. So, unlike a template, a custom website can be designed to match your brand identity and company philosophy. You can have it designed to meet the needs of your business, whether you need a payment gateway or social media integration. But, most importantly, unlike a template, a custom designed website is unique. With templates there’s no guarantee that there aren’t other website out there that have the same look as yours. Custom website design ensures your website stands out.

Professional Feel

It is important that clients believe your business is a professional outfit. If your website has the amateurish look of a generic template, chances are it won’t attract customers. Getting a custom website designing company to design your website ensures that you have professional graphic designers working on your website design, in turn giving your website a professional look.

Easy Navigation

The fact is this: bespoke websites generate a higher “average user time”, i.e., the total amount of time a person spends on your website. This stems from the fact that custom designed websites generally have easier navigation then templates, and visitors are more likely to click on additional pages. Further, many templates use outdated coding and may not have cross browser functionality. Custom website designing, on the other hand, generates websites that are usually HTML and CSS validated, making them functional across multiple browsers.

Flexibility and Long-Term Appeal

If your business expands or upgrades, if you want to add features such as newsletter sign ups or social media integration, custom website designing allows you to do so even at a later date. In fact, if you have a Content Management System (CMS) in place, you can even control many of the edits yourself. Template design in comparison is a lot more rigid.

SEO Capabilities

A good custom website designing company will design your website keeping search engine optimization (SEO) in mind, ensuring your page shows up in Google rankings and thus gets higher visibility, a clear advantage over template design.

So, there you have it. Custom website design is the real deal, offering you a comprehensive package that template design falls short of doing.

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