New Year Resolution Apps for Small Businesses
  31 December, 2014      By Natasha Singh      Posted in { New Year Resolution }

#HappyNewYear, everyone! Maybe it’s just my boundless optimism speaking, but it looks like 2015 is shaping up to be a brilliant year, especially for the UK startup scene. With the expansion of wearables and connected homes, there are a lot of new opportunities for businesses to leverage mobile technology. Plus there are bound to be some odd twists and turns and exciting innovations thrown into the mix, your company will likely go through a few of its own!

New Year Resolution Apps for Small Businesses

New Year Resolution Apps for Small Businesses

If yours is like most businesses, a new year is a time to renew your focus and set off in pursuit of new growth. Let’s kick off the new year by looking at a few apps that can help you achieve your business goals in the new year.

Mynd – This calendar app is much deeper than a first glance would suggest. No one can deny the usefulness of a scheduling app, but Mynd goes far above and beyond that basic functionality. Mynd gets to know you—where you work, who you meet with, how to avoid traffic—and offers exceptional assistance in making sure you intelligently organize and keep to your schedule. Give it a try and see what you’re missing.

ZenDesk – This customer service app is pretty well-established, and the latest versions have brought some really good improvements, bringing the app’s review score up to 4.5 stars. If you are looking for a way to add more customer service power to your business, think about adopting this mobile solution. Your customers don’t stop needing help just because you’ve left your desk, after all!

Expensify – This neat app makes compiling expense reports a breeze. Either pull the data straight from your credit card account, or else snap a picture of the receipt and let the app automatically grab the important data. It’s a smart tool, and extremely convenient for teams that do a lot of work away from the office. Expensify takes what used to be an arduous, frustrating task and makes it astoundingly easy—that’s a clear indicator of a quality app.

MailChimp – If you do any email marketing, MailChimp have provided a very excellent mobile tool for tracking,monitoring, and managing email campaigns. Manage your lists, start new campaigns, view reports, and set up multi-user access for the team—MailChimp provides a suite of features to help you keep your email marketing on track no matter where or when you need it.

Moxtra – This fairly new app has been dipping it’s toes into the waters of business productivity with an ever-growing suite of mobile collaboration and productivity tools. Moxtra is a great conferencing app, complete with mobile screen sharing and annotation, which is pretty good as a selling point on its own! But it goes beyond that with a ton of attention paid to team collaboration, document uploading, scheduling, and more.

Welcome, 2015!

Enjoy your New Years celebrations, and don’t forget to give us a call if you have more ideas about leveraging mobile technology for your business. Software Developers UK is your local app development and web design company in Birmingham.

We have worked closely with some of UK’s leading brands and turned small businesses into big profitable ventures. We sincerely hope to do the same for your small business. All you need to do is pick up the phone and call us on 020-3617-1881 or online

Here’s to success! #HappyNewYear everyone.

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