Should You Opt for Custom Software Development?
  17 April, 2012      By admin      Posted in { Custom Software DevelopmentiPad }

All companies need software solutions, the question arises as to whether they should invest in pre-packaged software or look into custom software development. Custom software development has several advantages and makes good sense in several scenarios.

Custom software development offers flexibility and personalisation. Instead of moulding your business to fit the requirements of pre-packaged software, you get to customise your software according to the requirements of your business. Custom software development companies offer bespoke software programmes that are personalised to the needs of your business and have features that help you streamline development and target processes specific to the your market. Custom software development gives you the flexibility to enhance your software with those features you think are invaluable to your business and do away with features you don’t need. Unlike pre-packaged software, custom software is in line with the design sensibilities of your company, is integrated with the organisational operations of your business and is unique to your organisation.

Custom software development provides cost benefits. Since the custom software development company is customising the software to your needs, once you pay for the project, all rights to the software are yours and you do away with recurring licensing fees. Additionally, since the software is designed to best integrate with the needs of your company, one programme can provide you with all the solutions your business needs, saving you the money you’d spend on buying multiple software programmes to deal with various aspects of the business. Also, since employees only have to learn how to use one programme, which is intuitive to the business needs and hence easier to learn, you do away with the costs of training employees to handle multiple, complicated pre-packaged software programmes.

Custom software development saves time. Besides saving on employee training time, you also save on processing time in general because custom software development ensures that you have a software solution designed to streamline and handle all your processes with maximum efficiency. And, as we all know, saved time translates into saved money. Faster business processes enables you to increase your volume of business. Decreased employee training time provides a dedicated workforce to meet business needs.

Custom software development leads to better client servicing. Bespoke features, the capacity to take on higher volumes of work and increased employee efficiency all convert into better client servicing as your software is catered to customer needs and allows you to meet their needs faster and more efficiently.

Custom software development allows you to upgrade and add tools. If the your business expands or you want to offer new services or take advantage of new social media opportunities, custom software development allows you to make these changes to your software at a later date. Pre-packaged software is, in comparison, a lot more rigid with what it can and cannot cater too. With pre-packaged software, you often have to upgrade to more advanced versions in order to make use of new features, even though all the new features may not apply to your business. Custom software development allows you to upgrade as and when you feel the need and gives you only specific features you require.

Custom software development ensures security. Since the software is developed specifically for you, you get to decide who within your company is authorised to access what features, making your business more secure. Additionally, custom developed software programmes are more difficult to hack than pre-packaged software programmes, once again guaranteeing security.

Clearly, custom software development has multiple advantages. However, it is very important that once you make a decision to go for custom software development, you find a good custom software development company with experienced custom software developers. To this effect, Software Developers UK has years of experience with custom software development in UK, India and worldwide and has worked with clients in a variety of businesses. To know more about their services click here.

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