Startups: When to Go in for a Website Redesign
  3 October, 2014      By Raj Srivastav      Posted in { Website Redesign }

As a startup, your website is an extremely important asset. The internet represents a massive opportunity for growth and awareness, and your website is the key to unlocking that potential. Quality websites attract new traffic, improve brand awareness, educate potential customers, and convert visitors to drive business, and they do that through high quality content, modern designs, and technical acumen. If you notice deficiency in any of these three categories, your website is not performing at 100% and it may be time to make some changes.

Startups: When to Go in for a Website Redesign

Startups: When to Go in for a Website Redesign


You need a content strategy for your website. Think of it like a funnel; at the top, you need to attract interest, and at the bottom the visitor takes an action—i.e. they convert. In between you need to guide them downward, and in order to do this you need to plan ahead.

Refreshing the content on your site is a a non-invasive way to improve performance, but if there are underlying problems with the technology or design, new content won’t fix it.

The first impression is arguably the most important step; if you can’t catch them in the first few seconds, they’ll probably bounce. Some tips for engaging visitors quickly:

  • Frame your statements around the value you provide to the customer. Concrete, quantifiable statements are often best.

  • Avoid huge amounts of text right off the bat. Text doesn’t engage very well unless the visitor specifically intends to read it, so it’s fine to have lots of text in a Whitepaper, but less effective on your front page.

  • Images can provide basic ideas at a glance. Combine this with short, powerful statements to communicate quickly.

  • Video is super easy to consume, just like a static image, but can communicate much better, since it can offer both text and audio.


The web goes through trends as technology changes. Today’s trends are driven by touch-screens and UI simplicity. As more and more browsing is done on phones and tablets, websites have adapted to offer compelling experiences on a wider variety of devices. You have to be prepared to cater your website to multiple input methods and screen sizes. Luckily, this complex problem has been solved by the creation of Responsive Web Design, and is now a standard web technology.

Other modern trends are also closely tied to mobile: minimalistic designs that focus user attention on significant content, large buttons/links that are easy to navigate with, and long, scrolling pages with careful attention paid to whitespace. Modern websites are designed to guide visitors down a path, limiting the information and links they have access to in order to better control the UX.


Today’s technology has made web browsing far more enjoyable and convenient. LTE wireless data offers us fast speeds for mobile browsing while responsive designs automatically adapt to our screen. Search engines crawl the web and offer us more useful results thanks to updated algorithms. Video, animation, and new interactivity are integrated seamlessly into websites thanks to HTML 5.

But this technology is complex, and misuse or poor execution can really hurt your website’s performance. Here are a few key things to watch:

  • Using the right markup and tags for good SEO so that search engines index your pages correctly and rank you well

  • Optimizing for fast load times. Slow loading is a leading cause of visitor bounces!

  • Security (note: Google recently gave HTTPS sites a ranking boost)

Continued Support

The bad news is, website redesign isn’t a one-time affair. If you want to have a successful and productive website, you need to keep an eye on it and continue to tweak it as time goes on. Lucky for you, Software Developers UK – SDI will always be here with the latest technologies and the design expertise you need to keep your website modern and effective.

For more information about our website redesign services, email or just call 020 3617 1881 today to talk to a web design expert.

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