The Best Shopping Apps UK this Holiday Season
  4 December, 2014      By Meghana Vijaykumar      Posted in { Shopping Apps }

The holiday season is here, and though it brings cold weather, it also means that now is the hottest time of the year for shopping. Retailers everywhere are featuring huge deals and promotions as we come to the end of 2014. As you venture out to snag some deals and buy gifts for friends and family, consider taking along some of these fantastic shopping apps to help you make the most of the holiday shopping extravaganza.

The Best Shopping Apps UK this Holiday Season

The Best Shopping Apps UK this Holiday Season

Rewards Apps:

Key Ring Rewards Cards: This app takes the familiar concept of rewards cards and puts them into a digital format. Don’t carry around plastic cards, just put everything into the app! With Key Ring Rewards Cards you can organize your loyalty cards, enroll in new offers, browse local savings, holiday promotions, and more.

ShopKick: ShopKick lets you earn gift cards while you shop. Since you’re going to be out shopping anyway, you might as well earn points just for walking through the doors, right? Redeem the points for gift cards at your favorite retailers. It’s as simple as that.

Price Comparison Apps:

TheFind: This app is great for finding deals (hence the name). Search for products online and nearby to ensure you get the best deal possible. Every discount and deal is within your reach through TheFind.

TheFind also includes personalized suggestions, in-app transactions for online goods, barcode scan, coupons, and plenty more. It is an extremely robust and functional shopping app that is sure to save you some money this holiday season.

RedLaser: This is arguably the most popular barcode scanning app for shoppers. Though it focuses on barcode scanning for price comparisons, the app has branched out through the years so that it is now an exceptionally well-rounded tool. There are item reviews, in-store maps and coupons, shopping lists, wish lists, the ability to share your finds with others. It’s all done through a clean interface that’s easy to learn and use, so try it out on your next shopping trip.

User Curated Content:

Fancy is an interesting mobile catalogue app which features items voted on by users. With just a tap you can “fancy” an item and increase its exposure. Fancy features products in a wide variety of categories, and everything has a special, boutique feel—perfect for finding a unique gift this holiday season.

Poshmark: Have you ever wished you could easily sell some spare items from your wardrobe? Come January when you are looking at your acquisitions from the holiday season, you may wish you had a bigger closet—or you could use Poshmark to consign some stuff that you no longer need.

Poshmark is a user powered marketplace, which means you can find awesome items for sale by other users at huge discounts, or make a little cash for clearing up your own closet space. This one is a must-have for avid shoppers.

Happy Shopping!

I hope these apps can earn you some savings as you embark on your holiday season shopping sprees. Saving users money is one of the best features an app can offer, and these one’s do it well. Shopping and saving apps are always popular! Of course, the industry isn’t done evolving, and there is always room for improvement; if you have ideas about how to leverage mobile for shoppers, take some time this holiday season to consider turning the idea into a reality. You can contact Software Developers UK – SDI to build a smart Shopping app, we offer Free Mobile app Consultation to help you understand the industry and what it takes to succeed; just leave a message on our website and we’ll be in touch for a chat.

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