The Cricket World Cup Goes High-tech!
  3 February, 2015      By Meghana Vijaykumar      Posted in { ICC Cricket World Cup App }

The ICC Cricket World Cup is coming soon, and the ICC and their media partners have prepared for the event by integrating new technologies and tools for viewers, offering higher quality experiences and making this year’s Cricket World Cup more accessible than ever. Here are a few of the new ways you can experience the excitement of the Cricket World Cup, which begins on February 14th.

The Cricket World Cup Goes High-tech!


Online Coverage: The ICC has created an all-new Online Match Centre which will offer match highlight videos, pictures and and live scoring. They’ve also created an official fantasy league for some additional fun. It’s nothing terribly groundbreaking in the world of sports, but it is a very important resource for fans, and it’s good to see the ICC is dedicating efforts to providing increased online accessibility.


4K Broadcasting: Not a lot of content is currently broadcast in that ultra-HD format, but the Cricket World Cup is going to take a pioneering step by broadcasting in 4K resolution. Fans in eligible areas with 4K-enabled set-top boxes will now be able to watch each game in the glorious clarity of ultraHD. Sports are definitely one type of televised content that really benefit from high resolutions, especially ones like Cricket that feature small, high velocity objects. You’ll never lose track of the ball again on a 4K screen!


ESPN Streaming: ESPN will be streaming the whole event online as a subscription service. This means that viewers won’t need a cable package to watch the games. If you are a cord-cutter and a cricket fan, this is amazing news. Hopefully it sets a precedent for other sports and television events far into the future.


Official ICC World Cup App: The official app pulls out all the stops, offering a plethora of features for fans. This is the best way to get breaking news and alerts about the tournament, instantly, straight to your smartphone. The app provides access to a live match centre for live scoring and commentary, as well as exclusive post-match videos & highlights, tournament-wide stats, a social hub, and opt-in score-notifications. You can even access the ICC’s official fantasy league and world cup quiz. It’s a very comprehensive app, available on Android and iOS devices now.


These efforts set a great example for how to leverage a variety of consumer technologies—broadcast TV, internet TV, web services, mobile—in order to build bigger audiences and provide cutting-edge experiences. The Cricket World Cup begins in two weeks, so you’ve got some time to get organized and take advantage of these opportunities.


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