Thanksgiving is in full force across the pond, which means Black Friday sales and spending sprees are soon to follow. And after that we’ve got a whole December holiday season full of gift giving, travel, and other expenses. With all that in our future, now seems like a good time to get our finances in order!

Top Banking & Financial Apps to Manage your Expenses

Top Banking & Financial Apps to Manage your Expenses

Rule No.1: Never Lose Money. Rule No 2: Never Forget Rule No.1Warren Buffet

Let’s look at a few Top Banking & Financial mobile apps that can lend a hand.

Apple Pay:

Available on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Mainly useful as a simple payment tool for in-store and online transactions, the Apple Pay app can also be useful for helping keep track of your various cards and balances. Certain cards will let you track and view your expenses, which is a useful bonus. For the most part, Apple Pay simply improves the security and convenience of making payments, so if you have a new Apple device with Apple Pay, definitely give it a shot.


This app allows you to monitor your bank accounts and credit cards, and track, categorize, and analyse your expenses over time. One of the big selling points of the app is that it has built-in tools to help prevent fraud—once it gets to know your habits, it will automatically alert you when it notices discrepancies.

The simple, beautiful design helps to highlight valuable information, like graphs and balance numbers, making it easy to learn how to read the app. BillGuard works with over 5,000 different banks! Available on iOS and Android.

Personal Capital Money and Investment:

This app will help users manage their entire financial portfolio. This app will help keep track of all of your investments. The clean UI, tight security, and meaningful financial advice all combine to make a valuable tool for improving your financial wherewithal. Plus it’s free! The app is available on Android and iOS.

Easy payments, easy lease, easy approval. Debt is very EASY to get into, but makes it HARD to live victoriously.” ― Bradley Vinson

Mint Personal Finance:

This popular finance app by Intuit can help you track and analyze multiple bank accounts. Mint will categorize payments and offer month-by-month graphs and analysis for your spending habits, as well as automatically create a budget for you (which you can edit manually as needed). Mint also offer alerts and advice, and a credit score estimate. Overall, it is a very easy to use, valuable personal finance tool. You can find Mint apps on iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows 8 devices.

Chase Mobile:

Chase Bank is miles ahead of the competition when it comes to mobile banking. Their app is the best bank app on the market, and all financial institutions should be taking notes. It offers dozens of important features for viewing account information, making transactions, finding branches, monitoring credit cards, and so much more. And best of all, it does it in a way that works, and works on many different platforms. Users on iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 can all enjoy the useful features of this app.


PayPal is a ubiquitous name in the payments industry, and intregal to the function of thousands of websites and apps. PayPal has an app of their own which brings the useful features you’ll find in your personal PayPal account right into the palm of your hand as you go about your day.

With the PayPal app you can send and request money, change account settings, add money to your account, take advantage of loyalty programs, and more. This is an important app to have around if you want to make good use of PayPal. You can get the app on on Android, iOS and Windows 8.


LevelMoney takes the idea of visually displaying your financial information and distils it to a whole new level of simplicity. By setting up daily/weekly/monthly budgets and connecting your bank account to the app, LevelMoney offers a gorgeous, glanceable graphic that immediately tells you where you are in your budget. How much more can you spend today? Dig into the app, and you’ll find even more detailed information on your financial behavior. Try it on iOS and Android.

Happy Holidays!

So Entrepreneurs, use these apps to maximize your financial smarts, and you’ll be sure to have the cash on hand to make the most out of all the festivities of the coming season. Manage your money right, and you might find you have enough left over to follow your own dreams! After all, that’s how many of these great apps get built to begin with!

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Happy Holidays! :)

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