Twitter for Business — The Why, How and What
  24 May, 2012      By admin      Posted in { iPad }

It may not seem like having a Twitter profile for your organisation may do much for business, but if you use it right, you’d be surprised at the positive results you can generate. Twitter can help you connect with industry leaders and professional peers, keep abreast with trends affecting your business, connect with your customers and know what they’re thinking and what they need.  Twitter is also great for marketing. 2012 statistics show that 34% of marketers have generated leads through Twitter, and 20% have closed deals through this social networking platform.


Here are 5 tips on how to use Twitter to best benefit your business.

Listen. Before you start tweeting, listen to what else is happening on Twitter. Read what your competitors are tweeting about; see what your target customers are saying; search for mentions about your company and brand; look for what people are saying about their needs and preferences with regard to the kinds of products or services you offer.

Share. Don’t just promote your brand, share links on interesting articles related to your products and services; share interesting photos or videos that give a behind the scenes insight on your company and brand; share information on upcoming events or new and developing products and services you plan to offer.

Connect. Use Twitter as a two-way medium of connection. Find out your customers interests and talk to them, or provide value-add information on what they care about. Share stories and anecdotes to forge a personal connection. Get a dialogue started.

Question. Twitter is a great forum for getting valuable, yet free, insight. Ask questions of your customers on products and preferences; find out their views and opinions and use it for better customer service and to enhance your products.

Give. Use Twitter to reward your customers and give them an incentive to connect with you. Re-tweet the interesting things they say to you or the compliments they give your brand. Hold Twitter competitions offering them freebies.

Following these tips ensures that you are using Twitter effectively for your business and tweeting about things that matter. To ensure that your followers remain loyal, you need to tweet consistently and respond in a timely manner. If you do not have the resources for this kind of time commitment, you can always hire a social media company to help. Many social media plans include Twitter account creations as well, keyword rich and relevant tweets and maintaining your account. Start tweeting now. It’s an investment that will pay back in many ways.

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