UK mobile app marketing techniques
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Marketing mobile apps in the UK merits special attention. A comparison of key websites let alone mobile apps shows differences in user behaviour especially amongst the usage of popular information sources. For example, garners a distinctly British audience of males viewers following “the best funny, viral and interesting photos from around the world”. So quiet how can you maintain a viable position of marketing leadership and win amongst the giants including Facebook, Google, Amazon, LinkedIn not to mention the British tabloids?  

UK mobile app marketing techniques

UK mobile app marketing techniques

I put this down to basically 3 key areas before commencing coding of the app but putting ourselves in a position to simulate our marketing endeavours well in advance as well as thinking about growth hacks. Let’s turn our attention to each of these areas or stages.

1.) Know your concept or idea behind the app
2.) Metadata,metadata and metadata
3.) Marketplace discovery

Assuming as an entrepreneur, you have an encapsulation of your idea on 1 to 2 pages. If you are working for a major enterprise ensure the app aligns with your organisational strategy and priorities. Either type of idea- generation for a startup or existing organisation requires the inclusion of notifications and a mock up of the major screens. Notifications require considering the scenarios in which the app might be used and the events simplifying work or life for the consumer. In effect, the notifications represent immediate utility value to the consumer or user within “lived experiences”.

As a second step, you might be tempted to drift into seeking other apps and trying to determine the unique aspects of your idea or as an existing organisation take one last look at the plethora of applications which might help you achieve a work life balance. My strong recommendation is reframe from taking this step but instead focus on app metadata. As this stage suggests “metadata,metadata and metadata” is the key to achieving success with marketing your app. Much like the cornerstone of real estate sales, property.

Metadata for an app is the most important marketing element and includes all important keyword selection. More specifically application store optimisation (or ASO) improves the visibility of a mobile app (Android, iPhone, iPad or Windows) in an app store (such as Google Play for Android or iTunes for iOS). Even for enterprise or membership organisations like a chamber of commerce with own stores serving a closed group of employees or associates metadata is still important for your employees or a new generation of recruits being able to find the app. The app metadata goes well beyond a narrative describing your app as well as potential screen shots. Your metadata style reflects your entrepreneurial drive or organisational “voice” but at all times mindful of the user.

In assembling your metadata concentrate on the app “lived experience” not just the features and benefits. If you are focusing on commuters, the train commuter in the UK spends much time head down and looking very much albeit from a distance like in the last century filling out crossword puzzles. How things change the more they remain the same! How does your app help make life or work easy for the commuter? If your audience is technical feel free to ingratiate these users with much technical stuff. If business or marketing executives align with business and likewise if students talk the lingo e.g. O level, A level and so forth.

By now, you have most likely exhausted an ability to generate any further metadata. At this stage, the suggestion is attempt an online marketplace discovery. Use Alexa and discover the top apps in the UK. Pick a search engine and start to get a feel for some of the apps emerging using your metadata and most specifically the select keywords driving your concept or app. How do you fare in this open marketplace? Does your idea have merit? If you answer yes at this stage further desk research is recommended. Go beyond Google or Bing.

The most comprehensive app analytics platform (App Annie) actually provides a good deal of free data by country e.g. top UK iPhone apps to March 2015 with app downloads, in-app purchase breakdown, version updates, app revenue, ad revenue, ad expense and refunds. Connection supported go beyond iOS and include Google Play, Mac App Store, Windows Store, Windows Phone, Amazon App Store and a variety of major advertising platforms.

All these steps outlined are achievable and require effort in parallel with the development of the app and contribute to simulating your marketing efforts well before app completion. Perhaps selecting an app developer prepared to go beyond persuasive design and help accelerate your app sales is worthy of partnership otherwise the demands from concept to reality on entrepreneurs or individuals driving apps in existing organisations is as monumental as crafting an app with a compelling user experience.

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